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Owner Builder ACT

What are the responsibilities of an owner-builder under the Building Act 2004?

An owner-builder takes on the same responsibilities as a licensed builder to supervise building work and ensure the building work complies with the Building Act 2004 including: � Obtaining a commencement notice from a certifier before work commences; � Ensuring the work is only done by the licensee or under the licensee�s supervision; � Ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia; � Ensuring the work is only done in a proper and skilful way; � Ensuring the work is only done in accordance with approved plans; � Where necessary, ensuring safety precautions are in place; � Booking inspections with the certifier at the appropriate stages; and � Complying with directions given by a certifier after an unsuccessful inspection.

How Secure is it to buy on line from ABE Education?

We are very careful with your information! We use eWay purchase gateway which has SSL technology to securely process your credit card details and at no time is this information stored on our servers. eWay Transaction Gateway will encrypt and process your payment securely online.

What happens if my application is refused?

Should your application be refused, you will have a right to review of that decision by applying to the ACT Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

What is the process to become an owner Builder?

1. Lodge a Development Application if required, lodge a Development Application form at the ACT Planning and Land Authority. 2. Appoint a certifier using the C3 form appoint a certifier and provide the certifier with approved plans. 3. Apply for owner builder licence submit the owner builder application form (CL1), fee and a copy of the certifier - building approved plans. 4. Commencement notice If your application complies with requirements, an owner builder licence will be granted. The owner provides the owner builder licence number to the certifier and applies for a commencement notice. 5. Begin building Begin building once a commencement notice has been issued.

What can I build using my Owner Builder licence?

You can build or renovate your residence or build ancillary structures around the residence, such as decks, pergolas or carports provided the building work is on your main home or ancillary to it. You are not able to install a swimming pool, demolish a building, handle asbestos or perform work on a commercial building. You are not able to build a secondary residence/dual occupancy unit under an Owner Builder licence.

Do I need a white card?

Yes Owner builders should have construction induction training and must ensure their workers also have the training.

Where can I find the application forms?

All the forms can be found in the "Building approval information pack". Click on the following link:

Are owner-builders entitled to tax deductions?

Yes, owner-builders are entitled to certain deductions under Division 43 of the Income Tax Assessment Act (ITTA) 1997. The deductions relate primarily to construction expenditure such as: � Preliminary expenses such as engineering fee, foundation excavation expenses, building permits etc. � Some portion of the indirect costs For more information, please contact the Australia Tax Office (ATO) on 13 72 26, or to visit the ATO webpage.

I was issued with a WA white card is this valid in NSW?

ABE Education issues WA Worksafe white cards, which under the national licensing harmonisation laws will be accepted by all jurisdictions in all States.

What do I do if I lose or damage my certificate?

Simply email or call us 02 9798 5000 to advise of lost or damaged certificate. We will provide you with a replacement Certificate by email within 24-36 Hrs. There may be a charge for certificates older than 12 months to cover the cost of archive recovery. For exact fee amounts, please refer to the student handbook.

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